Renowned photographer Oscar Gutierrez presents his Nelson Mandela exhibition


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Iconic - Historic Moments - a photographic exhibition by Oscar GutierrezDuring the key moments that shaped South Africa’s transition to democracy, one photographer was there recording it all – Oscar Gutierrez.

To celebrate the centenary of the birth of former president Nelson Mandela in July 1918, renowned photographer Oscar Gutierrez will launch his exhibition of the very best of those photographs. These glimpses into Madiba moments were captured by Gutierrez over the many years he spent tracking South Africa’s early democracy.

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Gutierrez says “The photographs capture Nelson Mandela and other South African luminaries from the initial stages of the negotiations of South Africa’s constitution, the first democratic elections and important moments that formed democratic South Africa.”

Iconic - Historic Moments - a photographic exhibition by Oscar GutierrezSays Gutierrez: “Holding this exhibition during the month of the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth is something very dear to me as South Africa has become my home. This exhibition is my way of celebrating a South Africa that has embraced me and gave me the opportunity to celebrate the birth of the democracy I experienced when I arrived in the country.”

Nelson Mandela - photo by Oscar Gutierrez
Nelson Mandela – photo by Oscar Gutierrez

The exhibition titled “Iconic” runs from the 8 – 15 July 2018 at Upstairs@Bamboo Gallery in Melville Johannesburg.
(EXTENDED to 18 July 2018)

The exhibition is curated by Oscar Gutierrez, in collaboration with Makgati Molebatsi of Mak’Dct Art Advisory & Agency.

The photographs are on sale and 5% of all proceeds will go to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

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