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2018 is Rocco's year of the emerald!
2018 is Rocco’s year of the emerald!

The music video of the first single from Rocco de Villiers’s latest album, kortbroek, langkouse, has just been released and is spreading like wildfire.

The video was produced by Gerhard van Rooyen (GVR) and his team and was filmed at the Safari Garden Centre in Lynnwood Road, Pretoria. Gerhard says that the concept is based on the idea that we might be living the life of a sock. “I think there are people who would be able to relate to the life of a sock, because they are also stuck in the ordinary and a comfort zone. Sock has a dream. He sees an image of Rocco and his music, somewhere on another island, every day and believes that he is also destined for something bigger in life. He makes the decision to break away from the ordinary and go on an adventure in the hope of finding Sock Island.”

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The song is also called kortbroek, langkouse and the story of Sock Island, therefore, perfectly suited this video. Sock’s tale was filmed in Waverley and stop-motion technology was used to make Sock come alive. The socks were stuffed with wire to keep them in position and the garden centre was the ideal setting for this fairy-tale.

Multi-award-winning and highly gifted pianist Rocco de Villiers’s fourteenth instrumental album, kortbroek, langkouse, was released on 13 July 2018. It continues to showcase the unique piano playing ability, distinctive compositions and interpretations that he has become known for. This pop album not only has an Afrikaans title, but also promises to impress audiences of all ages and get them on the dance floor.

The deeper intention of kortbroek, langkouse is to inspire listeners to follow their dreams, just like Rocco. It is clear that this latest offering by South Africa’s piano maestro will accompany music lovers on a musical journey that will not only make them feel good but will also provide food for thought. The album is available online and from selected music outlets.

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