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Neresha Sukreem (Photo credit: Hannes Danzfuss)
Neresha Sukreem (Photo credit: Hannes Danzfuss)

Hollywood beckons for Neresha Sukreem … she has secured a spot at the Applause Rising Talent Showcase (ARTS) in Orlando, Florida.

A vibrant young lady, Neresha Sukreem has been destined for success since before she could walk. With a passion for the spotlight, the aspiring actress was spurred on by her family to pursue opportunities in drama, modelling and modern Bollywood dancing from an early age, setting into motion her love for the arts and entertainment.

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In 2009, she won Miss South Asia South Africa followed by Miss India Globe. It was these accolades that made her realise that her dreams of international success weren’t at all far-fetched and with talent already in her bones, all she needed was the drive and motivation to succeed.

Neresha Sukreem (Photo credit: Hannes Danzfuss)
Neresha Sukreem (Photo credit: Hannes Danzfuss)

Neresha relocated to Mumba India, where she spent the better part of three years studying acting, before returning to her home base in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. Albeit, she wanted more.

Neresha’s international expeditions left her hungry for the world stage. Wanting to conquer the crème de la crème of the acting world, the young lady set her sights on Hollywood and is not ready to give up until she witnesses the Hollywood hills in all its glory.

Having experienced frequent rejection, the determined young lady decided to align herself with the right people in order to move forward. Recalling the words of experts, Neresha recites to herself: “Align yourself with people on the same mission as you and success will be inevitable.” This is exactly what she did.

“I often heard that time was against me and there was no hope for a break within the industry, however, I stayed true to my vision and let my passion for success drive me. It did not matter what the bottom looked like because I had my eyes firmly set on my goals and I knew I was not going to give up until my dreams became a reality.”

Neresha Sukreem (Photo credit: Hannes Danzfuss)
Neresha Sukreem (Photo credit: Hannes Danzfuss)

In October last year, after being scouted by Elsubie Verlinden of Just You Artist and Model Management, Neresha participated in the final round of the International ARTS Talent Showcase (IATS) at Silverstar Casino. Here she had the opportunity to audition for international talent scout Kim Myers as well as independent casting agent Rhavynn Drummer who also casts for Tyler Perry Studios.

Affirming her belief that international is not impossible, Neresha received the much-anticipated callback, securing her a spot at the Applause Rising Talent Showcase (ARTS) in Orlando, Florida in July of this year.

“It was a joyous moment that I will never forget,” she says. “That one phone call may change my life completely.”

Here she will be afforded the opportunity to showcase her skills in front of renowned talent agencies and talent scouts, such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Tyler Perry Studios and more.

She adds, “I am not going to give up until my dreams become reality.”

Neresha has since relocated to Midrand, Johannesburg and has already secured nineteen nationwide television commercials for major national and international brands. Neresha also participated in The Face Of Just You competition and qualified in the Top 25 out of over 600 entries.

Alluding to her success thus far, she says, “It all starts with a vision. Add passion and courage to that, along with hard work, determination, preparation and consistency and you will have your recipe for success. It takes a lot of perseverance to go after your dreams, especially when there is a long road ahead of you and rejection is something you face almost all of the time. All you need to do is keep yourself open to learning, growing and discovering.”

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