SAST Community Arts Dramaturgy Outreach Programme


state-theatreEvery year the South African State Theatre (SAST) Initiate a field work programme to call for amateur Arts groups from Gauteng to join the theory and practice of dramatic composition. This initiative is called the Community Arts Dramaturgy Outreach (CADO) Programme.

The fieldwork programme is SAST’s Development initiative which seeks to creatively help amateur theatre groups based in our national communities gain exposure to performance arts. All forms of Theatre performance are allowed in the CADO programme, whether it be Drama, Poetry in Performance, Music, or Dance limited to 40 minutes on stage performance.

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Each year, the programme consists of 15 Amateur Theatre Groups that must be creatively empowered by SAST assigned fieldworkers. These fieldworkers are at present sourced from the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), with the help of a chosen TUT rep who is a lecturer there.

Each year, first year groups are sourced through a public call, and from this call, groups are chosen for the following year’s first year group section. Previously, this selection of groups used to be from showcases held during the SAST’S Mzansi Fela Festival (MFF). But moving forward, these groups will only be allowed to send in proposals and the selection made from these proposals.

The programme is broken into two sections: the First Year groups and the Second Year groups. The first year groups work throughout the year on a local classic text whereas the second year groups graduate to doing their own original texts.

A month or two before the Mzansi Fela Festival, a day will be chosen where all groups will pilgrimage at the SAST to showcase what they have been working on with their fieldworkers throughout the year. These showcases will entail a presentation of the first 30 minutes of each play.

After a year of hard work Mzansi, Fela Festival CADO Awards will be awarded to the Best Actor, Actress, Director, etc. to name but a few. The second year groups annually compete for the Best Production voted by the Judges.

The South African State Theatre is a national flagship that facilitates the arts and entertainment and encourages diverse cultural provision; we seek to play a unique and vital role in the cultural life of the nation.

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