SAST says NO to xenophobia and GBV

SAST says NO to Xenophobia and GBV
SAST says NO to Xenophobia and GBV

The South African State Theatre joins South Africans and Africans in denouncing the recent spate of xenophobic attacks that have had the continent divided.

As Africa’s largest theatre complex, we are established on a mandate by the South African government to reinforce social cohesion. We, therefore, express great disdain to these attacks on our sisters and brothers from the African continent and other parts of the world, and we add our voice in our people’s call for unity in diversity. One Africa is possible!

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The State Theatre takes pride in its philosophical mandate of immersing itself as Africa’s leading Pan African performing arts institution. This is reflective in our artistic programming which invites contributions from the rest of Africa. In March this year, the State Theatre was home to a large-scale Nigerian musical, Fela and The Kalakuta Queens, performed by an all-Nigerian cast with a few South Africans. Also, the newly-launched dance festival, Dance Umbrella Africa hosted in April featured artists hailing from African countries such as Mali, Senegal and Malawi. These events brought not only art lovers and artists together for a world-class artistic experience, but they also re-opened a cultural opportunity for us to learn from one another, regardless of one’s geographical origin- which is what Ubuntu teaches us.

We wish to reassure our fellow artists and arts managers from the African continent that the South African State Theatre remains committed to the attainment of the African Union’s Vision 2063. This theatre is your home and we will make every effort to ensure that we strengthen inter-African collaborations and promote linkages.

It is also disheartening that while we were celebrating Women’s Month in August 2019, women once again suffered the harshest brutality (of rape and murder) from men in our society. Our heartfelt condolences to the families of the dearly departed souls! This happened when the State Theatre was showcasing its annual Vavasati International Women’s Festival. The women festival featured domestic women artists and others from Namibia and Zimbabwe. We humbly invite men next year when we have this festival to come and educate themselves when women reflect on the society which they feel unsafe in.



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