#Selfie: a group painting exhibition

Lost in the middle of Attention - 101 x 80 cm, oil on canvas.
Lost in the middle of Attention – 101 x 80 cm, oil on canvas.

Artists investigate the notions of “traditional” self-portraiture in a digital realm at the Lizamore & Associates gallery from September 1.

Lizamore & Associates presents #selfie, a group painting exhibition curated by Teresa Lizamore. This exhibition opens on 1 September 2016 at 18:00.

#Selfie questions and investigates the notions of ‘traditional’ self-portraiture in a digital realm. The digital realm we often find ourselves in, gives individuals the opportunity to present themselves – or often a selected version of themselves – on various cyber platforms. This has led to an online revival of the genre of the self-portrait. The popularity of self-portraiture is made possible in part through ubiquitous tools such as web and cell phone cameras. Participating artists consider the use, and perhaps the shift, of the self-portrait in a digital age where social media provides the platform for identity formation and how this democratization of self-portraiture has shifted from its original purposes. This exhibition challenges artists to use painting – a medium often seen as ‘traditional’ – to investigate the shifts in self-portraiture in the digital realms.

Jaco van Schalkwyk
Jaco van Schalkwyk
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Participating artists include Alice Toich, Ana Pather, Asanda Kupa, Audrey Anderson, Banele Khoza, Izak Buys, Jaco Van Schalkwyk, John Robbertse , Kevin Collins , Maja Maljevic, Mashudu Nevhutalu, Nkhensani Rihlampfu, Pat Sithole, Ronél De Jager, Rory Emmett, Vusi Beauchamp , Wesley Van Eeden, Heike Allerton Davies, Herman Niebuhr, Leon Fourie, Danielle Malherbe, Karin Preller, Kelly John Gough, Norman Oflyn.

This exhibition opens on 1 September at 18:00 and ends on 23 September 2016 at the Lizamore & Associates gallery, 155 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. Please join us at the opening for a glass of wine and to meet the artists.

Gallery hours:
Tues – Fri 10h00 – 17h00
Saturday 10h00 – 15h00

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