Shado Twala to headline Pan African Evolution Dialogues


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Femi Koyo
Femi Koyo

Media luminary Shado Twala will headline a series of Pan African Evolution Dialogues and events at the Windybrow Arts Centre on 19 May 2018 about Pan Africanism, its origin and journey as a movement that began in the 1900’s and which has mutated over the years into various vehicles communicating the empowerment of Africans and the Diaspora.

“The similar dialogue of this nature first took place in London in 1900 where a Manifesto was formulated which began the movement. We take this opportunity to recap and evaluate if we are still on the same page. We would like to form a document that will embrace the resolutions and outcomes of the discussions”, says Keitu Gwangwa. Head of the Windybrow Arts Centre.

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Keitu was appointed in January this year to give the Windybrow Arts Centre a new lease of life as a Pan African Centre for the arts. The Centre is located in the culturally diverse urban area of Hillbrow which home to a great number of migrants from the far corners of South Africa and the continent is is at large.

Shado Twala
Shado Twala will headline the series of Pan African Evolution Dialogues

“This dialogue series aims to reach past language barriers and hit the core of a matter with most impact when executed effectively especially in an area that was plagued with Xenophobia. The dialogues will be accompanied by performances from artists coming from African countries. The focus of the Windybrow Arts Centre’s Africa Month programme is the empowerment of Africans and the Diaspora”, adds Keitu Gwangwa.

The Centre’s African Month celebrations will include performances by Femi Koya, Marimba Band and an installation performance by Robert Machiri. The discussion series will be followed up by African cuisine and performances by cultural groups across the continent. Crafters and chefs will display their skills in the precinct which we will converted into a African Market for the day.

“Events of this sort can form part of an ongoing dialogue that unravels the conversation on migration in South Africa, shed light on migration in other parts of the world in both formalized and unformalized perspectives.  This also becomes the platform that ushers in the transformation of this urban area being recognized as a Pan African Hub like other celebrated cultural hubs around the world. The Pan African Evolution Dialogue will also produce commercial activities to draw audiences and direct their understanding to a world class Pan African arts centre of excellence”, says Gwangwa.

Full details of the Windybrow Arts Centre’s Africa Month programme and Pan African Dialogue series can be found at .

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