Sindaphi’s play Kudu opens at Magnet Theatre

Lwanda Sindaphi presents his new play Kudu in December.
Lwanda Sindaphi presents his new play Kudu in December.

The second theatre-maker from Magnet Theatre’s Internship programme, Lwanda Sindaphi, presents his new play Kudu in December.

Lwanda Sindaphi’s Kudu opens at Magnet Theatre on 1 December and runs until 3 December. It follows the success of Nwabisa Plaatjie’s 23 years, a month and 7 days in early November.

The Theatre-making Internship Programme
The Theatre-making Internship Programme invited two emerging theatre-maker/directors to spend a year with the 3rd year trainees on Magnet Theatre’s full-time Training and Job Creation Programme. Its goal is to give emerging theatre makers/directors the opportunity to create a theatre product under the mentorship of professional directors (Mark Fleishman and Jennie Reznek) in a safe environment where they are creatively free and not restricted by the need to battle for financial survival.
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Set in the year 2030, the AmaXhosa nation has taken over the Eastern Cape to utilise the land for their own prosperity. Meanwhile three Khoi-Coloured descendants and their aging cow are migrating to the Eastern Cape. The drama centres on their encounter with Intaba KaNdoda, a poverty-stricken community once ruled by the Khoi chief Ndoda. The Khoi-Coloured descendants, having heard stories of how chief Ndoda was killed in a land dispute, have come to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. They have arrived to take back the land from the AmaXhosa.

Cast: Beviol Swarts, Emmanuel Ntsamba, Livie Ncanywa, Luthando Mvandaba, Lwando Magwaca, Meagan Booysen, Natasha Gana and Zizipho Quluba.
Directed by: Lwanda Sindaphi
Design by: Craig Leo/ Asiphe Lili
Lighting Design by: Themba Stewart
Choreography by: Jennie Reznek
Stage Manager: Honey Mene
Production Manager: Themba Stewart
Project Manager: Zukisani Nongogo

Lwanda Sindaphi (director) says: “I’ve been reading a book by David Robbins called On The Bridge of Goodbye. There’s this quote about genocide which I find relevant to Kudu, ‘Physical genocide that’s something that everyone knows. But what about spiritual genocide? The genocide of consciousness, of language, of culture. That’s what I want to write about: about someone who looks like his own people, but is only a shell. Inside, he is like a zombie.’ The play is about people reclaiming their own piece of land, reclaiming their customs, their culture, their languages and their spirituality. It’s people fighting to be acknowledged not as extinct but as existing.”

Lwanda Sindaphi
Actor, playwright, theatre director and poet, Lwanda is currently one of the most sought after poets in Cape Town. He started his theatre career in 2009, debuting at the National Arts Festival with Sophumelela theatre group. He holds a performing arts certificate from New Africa Theatre Academy and studied physical theatre and acting at Magnet Theatre (2012/13). He won the 2011 DFL + LOVER Another Poetry Slam and went to compete in the national finals. While training at Magnet Theatre he performed in The Heart of Redness (directed by Mark Fleishman) and running with gold fish and gift wrapping the sea (directed by Brink Scholtz). Lwanda is the co-founder of Lingua Franca Spoken Word Movement based in Delft. He recently directed Paired, a production for under 7-year olds which performed at Magnet Theatre and toured Cape Town child-care centres.
Lwanda Sindaphi
Lwanda Sindaphi

Venue: Magnet Theatre
Time: 19:30
Dates: 1 December, 2 December, 3 December (with additional matinee performance on Saturday 3 December at 14:00)
Ticket Prices: R60 General Public, R40 Pensioners, Students and Scholars

The Magnet Theatre can be reached by phone on 021 448 3436 or e-mail at

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