State Theatre presents African Heart


African Heart is a cultural dance, theatrical work with dramatic contemporary, poetry and fight choreography at the SA State Theatre.

African Heart
African Heart

It’s about finding solutions to the on-going disrespect of cultural influence, positions, misunderstanding of life pressure, obstacles, choices and awareness of self-destruction. The aim is ultimately to see all western and cultural practitioners co-operating on a common project for the promotion of racial solidarity and the common humanity of mankind.

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Choreographed by Israel Berta, assisted by Sabelo Maphumulo and Alethea Du Tuit, African Heart will run from 30 January to 4 February 2017 at the Arena Theatre.

Inhumanity is rife when many young people experience the eternal pain of losing relevant premonitions; steps of what move to make next. In the drama aspect, a Japanese man dreams he sees his daughter nearly killed because of tribalism, as people fight for unsuitable positions and are forced to be above the law.

An evil man tries to overpower the Oracle, who assists young people with knowledge and guidance to reach their dreams, causing destructive hardship. The influence of evil gradually dominates in many good people; some zombies support the negativity of every bad influence. We eventually see the fight against the Oracle. A solution is difficult as many cultures want to win.

This production is achieved through the SAST Incubator programme, designed in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Culture to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial artists through business and technical support offered both in the incubator and through a network of contacts. The main goal is to produce successful artists who will become financially viable and freestanding.

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