Syria? auditions


ArtscapeArtscape is hosting a series of auditions for various characters.

Coloured Male Actor
Must be able to sing, speak in a colloquial British or Pakistani accent as well as a standard American accent for the parts mentioned below.

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Soft natured teenager with strong political convictions. He is at odds with his environment and is seldom understood. He is the main protagonist. (Coloured Male age 20-35 years old) that can sing.

An African-American singer who opposed the Apartheid South African government.

An African-American reverend with far-left political views. He often opposes the American empire.

White Male Actor 1
Must be macho-looking/ tall. Plays English and Afrikaans speaking characters. Does not sing. (Age 20-35 years old)

Overcompensating, douchy police officer. Stereotypical young English speaking, arrogant white guy. He is very full of himself and somewhat patronizing. Has some knowledge of martial arts.

A very serious policeman. Not a stereotypical Afrikaner but still an apartheid apologist. Oblivious (or in denial) to the fact that Apartheid was only beneficial to some. Not unfeeling but too self-centred to see beyond his own feelings and reality. Very Apartheid nostalgic. He is not antagonistic in the way he communicates as he genuinely tries to make people understand his perspective.

White male actor 2 (pianist)
Must be macho-looking and have facial/body hair. Must be able to play piano and play by ear. (Age 20-35 years old)

A kidnap victim. Very butch-looking and hairy. However, he is distraught and vulnerable due to the fact that he has been kidnapped and is in a life-threatening situation.

A closet-racist school teacher. Longs for the good old days of apartheid. Stereotypical racist Afrikaner. Somewhat ignorant and silly.

Please prepare the following:
– A Monologue (that preferably speaks to what it feels like to be an outsider) with accents;
– Physical expression of character auditioning for;
– If you are auditioning for an acting/singing role, please prepare ONE a capella song.

Rehearsals and performances: 19 September to 29 October 2016

Audition Details:
Date: Tuesday 16 August 2016
Time: 10:00-15:00
Venue: Artscape (Rehearsal room 301)

Please note: Booking of the auditions will be as per appointment.

To book appointment please contact Katlego Taunyane at 021 410 9859 or

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