The original ‘one and only’ Tim Plewman is touring SA


The ‘only original’ master of ‘Defending the Caveman’ is back from standing ovations in Australia and Las Vegas and is now touring southern Africa.

The Caveman. Tim Plewman. Emperors Palace. March 2015.
The Caveman. Tim Plewman. Emperors Palace. March 2015.

Caveman still holds the record as the longest running non-musical comedy of all time on Broadway. What more can be said about this wonderful show that so humorously exposes the hunter and gatherer in us all and has played to over a million people?

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Tim Plewman’s way of managing to ‘capture’ his audience in his hands is palpable. It is an incredible performance with one person on stage giving of his all. You can laugh one moment and be digging your partner in his/her ribs because of the truth of the comments the next. All the tales ring home in such an incredible way. It is extraordinarily funny and worth every cent to spend an evening laughing, which is as one knows is ‘medicine for the soul’!

Defending the Caveman. Tim Plewman. 2015.
Tim Plewman in Defending the Caveman. Photo by Suzy Bernstein

Labelled by critics as the best date night comedy, Plewman puts new life and energy into ‘Defending the Caveman’. Updated, upgraded and totally unloadable to today’s world of tweets, selfies and six million Facebook friends, this production is still a hilarious, affectionate and insightful comedy that explains why men and women see the world so differently, and will have you looking at your partner with new eyes.

“I am going to bring my wife here to see it”, said Geoffrey Matenji from SAfm radio with tears rolling down his cheeks from laughter.

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