The RADA Inspire Movement continues to change perspectives in 2019


RADA InspireIn 2017, RADA sought out to record an album of cover songs sung by South Africa’s top musicians. What came out of it was more than just an album. RADA created a movement. RADA Inspire.

RADA Inspire was launched in March 2018, by the non-profit organization to create a shift in perspective. The aim was to show people that change doesn’t necessarily require physical or monetary effort, but can be brought about by a shift in mindset and a move towards positive and meaningful living, using the slogan:

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Be the Way. Be the Change. One day at a time.

RADA Inspire Forecast for 2019

  • March – Taxi and Road Rage Awareness Month
  • April – Service Industry Month
  • May – Bullying Awareness Month
  • June – Family Support and Elderly Awareness Month
  • July – Comfort Month
  • August – Women’s Month
  • September – Heritage Month
  • October – Drug and Alcohol Awareness Month
  • November – Orphans, Homeless and Community Awareness Month
  • December – Celebratory Wrap-Up and Year in Review

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Taking the message to the streets in a new and dynamic way, RADA undertook an unprecedented ten-month campaign, creating awareness and on-the-ground engagement through various activations and initiatives. These included highlighting issues around taxi and road user awareness, bullying in schools and the workplace, negativity in the service industry, recognizing the need for extra humanitarian care and more.

Looking back, the task was mammoth, but every bit worth it. During 2018, RADA witnessed a conscious effort from citizens to make a difference and lead better, more positive lives. “The truth is, we realised, change doesn’t begin with grand gestures; it begins with a simple change in perspective,” says J-P Nobrega, CEO and founder of RADA. “This is what RADA Inspire is here to assist in doing. We cannot actively change peoples’ actions, but we can assist in changing their mindset, so that by marrying action with awareness and encouraging people to make one small difference each day, w can collectively better the world we share.”

Using music as a vehicle for change, RADA released, to critical acclaim, a power anthem featuring 31 of South Africa’s top artists titled We Stand Together.

Throughout 2018, RADA Inspire was featured in numerous publications including Country Life, Essentials Magazine, Living and Loving, Your Family, Food and Home and many more, as well as being featured on television with inserts on Expresso Morning Show on SABC 3 and the Afrikaans music programme Kliphard on SABC 2.

For highlights and video footage on the various activations, visit the RADA Inspirational YouTube channel.

With such a successful movement in 2018, RADA has decided to turn RADA Inspire into an annual campaign, because we realise that change is a lifelong endeavor that comes about through consistent renewing of the mind daily. RADA Inspire will continue in March 2019 with the same ten month campaign, only bigger and better.

RADA will continue to use music to bring the message of positive change to the world with the eventual release of the RADA Inspire album, additional music videos and singles featuring South African talent. RADA will also continue to seek out new artists through the RADA Unearthed project, assisting musicians in their career and using the arts as a medium to communicate the RADA Inspire message.

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