Theatre Review: Another One’s Bread – Meet Substitutes, Or Mourning Has Broken


Another One’s Bread / Directed by Pamela Nomvete / Mannie Manim Theatre, Market Theatre, Newtown, Johannesburg     8.5

Food security. An incredibly – and increasingly – important topic in an age where populations are sky-rocketing and resources are heading in the opposite direction. Also, something that’s fairly high up on the worthy-but-painfully-boring list of subjects to write plays about. Really – keep that sort of thing for conferences and scientific or political get-togethers. People go to the theatre to be entertained; for escapism. All the unsourced surveys say so, right?

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Fortunately, playwright Mike Van Graan is one for both indulging in or declaiming at length on serious themes and creating award-winning entertainment. Nevertheless, when, in a play commissioned by DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security (conferences, scientists, politicians…), he induces his audience to belly-laugh in the opening seconds, it’s a…

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