Theatre Review: Chicago – Dazzled By Razzle, Or Come On Feel The Illinois



Chicago / Resident director: Philip Godawa / Teatro, Montecasino, Fourways, Johannesburg

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This 2019 version of the 1996 revival of a 1975 Broadway musical that was based on a play written in 1926 shouldn’t still have as much currency as it does. But ironically, because times have changed, it’s possible to see that humans as a species haven’t, much, and so we’re still susceptible to the same emotions and tendencies towards less than salubrious goals and ambitions.

Another way in which humans haven’t changed is in our collective appreciation of a good show, and this production of Chicago has already been roundly praised half the world over, with its South African cast and crew only launching the show on home turf after hugely successful tours of New Zealand and China.

This shared experience means the company on the Johannesburg stage is almost telepathically tight, trusting each other’s every movement and thus able to hit every mark with slick,…

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