Theatre Review: Fatal Attraction – Lust And Loss, Or Stripped-Down Seduction


Fatal Attraction


Fatal Attraction / Directed by Paula Bangles / Pieter Torien’s Montecasino Theatre, Fourways, Johannesburg                           7

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A stage version of the Michael Douglas and Glenn Close screen thriller of the same name that long ago became a byword for any relationship in which matters took a turn for the unpredictable and violent (including anything in which the term “bunny-boiler” was used), Fatal Attraction, on paper, looks like an idea past its time. Until, that is, you consider that the film was released in 1987, meaning that, for a sizeable part of the audience for the play, this is a first exposure to the story.

Also, the way this production is staged changes the flow of the story considerably. Everything happens in a square central space dominated by a two-level white dais, with narrow corridors on three sides the only concessions to physically depicting characters as being in different geographical spaces….

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