Theatre Review: Fawlty Flowers – No Set Agenda, Or Torquay Or Not Torquay


Fawlty FlowersBy BRUCE DENNILL

Fawlty Flowers / Directed by Paul Spence / Auto & General Theatre On The Square, Sandton, Johannesburg                         5

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Bringing a cult TV show to the stage is a tricky business, particularly when the source material was first broadcast in the Seventies. Fawlty Towers, built around both John Cleese’s notoriety at the time and his phenomenal armoury of physical comedy tics and unerring sense of comic timing, remains one of the most highly-rated TV series in history. But its vintage means that there are enormous audiences – in this case theatregoers – who have simply never heard of the show or who have, at best, little more than a passing familiarity with the characters and classic storylines.

The stage show Fawlty Flowers is an obviously affectionate homage to the BBC show, though it is made clear from the start that there are some aspects of the interpretation that will be starkly different. For one thing, it’s a…

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