Theatre Review: Fool For Love – Heartbreak Motel, Or A Fretful Familiarity




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Fool For Love / Directed by Janice Honeyman / Mannie Manim Theatre, Market Theatre, Newtown, Johannesburg                     8


As a playwright, Sam Shepard was not often a happy camper. This play, written in 1983, is concentrated claustrophobia, all taking place in a single motel room and involving, for the most part, two people who cannot seem to extricate themselves from each other’s lives, no matter how much they desire that outcome.

The writing confirms Shepard’s eye for detail, but also his uncompromising stance when it comes to including in his characters some of the least salubrious facets of human kind. May (Kate Liquorish) is an uptight – the play opens with her scrunched into a ball on a rumpled bed – young woman whose default reaction seems to be flinching. Eddie (Langley Kirkwood) is a visitor who presses all her buttons – loud, direct and and over-familiar.

As the story develops, the nature of the relationship…

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