Theatre Review: Green Man Flashing – Layered Loyalties, Or A Collision Of Conflicts


Green Man Flashing


Green Man Flashing / Directed by Malcolm Purkey / Auto & General Theatre On The Square, Sandton, Johannesburg             7

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Playwright Mike Van Graan’s play Green Man Flashing is 14 years old now, and its subject matter is no less relevant than it was in 2004, nor indeed in the year in which the action is set – 1999, just weeks before South Africa’s second democratic elections.

This is a further confirmation of the quality of the script (about the layered ethical, emotional and emotional challenges faced by a small group of individuals after a powerful politician rapes a woman), which proved horribly on point when the play was first staged in terms of the news cycle at that time. It is also a grim reminder that in the nearly two decades that have passed since the year in which the story is set, the progress that has been made in the area of placing dignity and kindness above political expediency and reputation is essentially negligible – a…

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