Theatre Review: Macbeth – Plenty Of Toil, No Trouble, Or Treachery On The Table



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Macbeth / Directed by Fred Abrahamse / Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre, Fourways, Johannesburg           8


For a play to not just be yet another version of a particularly famous piece – and there are few more famous than this one – there must be considerable creativity employed in the interpretation of a new production. In Fred Abrahamse and Marcel Meyer’s imagining, an enormous amount of work and imagination has gone into making a striking, detailed staging look incredible simple.

In keeping with the play’s themes and mood, everything is dark. An enormous table functions as a table around which the characters meet, but also as a stage withing a stage, adding height and texture to the space. Marcel Meyer’s costumes are start and modern – black kilts, dress shirts and knee-high boots, with sashes occasionally providing a flash of colour and a clue to a character’s allegiance.

Actors enter and exit through gaps in a black backdrop…

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