Theatre Review: Matilda The Musical – Honorable Minchin, Or Precocious Perfection


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Bruce Dennill



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Matilda: The Musical / Directed by Matthew Warchus (Resident Director Anton Luitingh) / Teatro, Montecasino, Fourways


Tim Minchin is a flame-haired Austalian pianist, comedian, composer and actor.

Who is nuts.

Absolutely crackers.

His turn as Atticus Fetch in Californication, in which he made David Duchovny’s uber-hedonist Hank Moody look subdued is perhaps too fruity to include here, but consider his song Prejudice (below) as an example of his ability to make a complex topic entertaining while also completely thwarting expectations. And looking funny into the bargain.

Tim Minchin is also the man behind the music – pacey, energetic and packed with detail one minute, introspective and emotional elsewhere – and the lyrics for Matilda: The Musical, and his style and penchant for affable lunacy are detectable in the tone and dynamism of the piece. It’s as though the producers have said, “Get the crazy guy on board, let him do whatever he wants, and…

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