Theatre Review: Oakfields College Third Year Showcase – Future Focus, Or Poised To Perform




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Oakfields College Faculty Of Dance And Musical Theatre Third Year Showcase 2018 / Directed by Sharon Spiegel-Wagner / Oakfields College Pretoria Campus


For any lover of the arts, discovering a new generation of artists and the potential they have to create or reinterpret existing repertoire is thrilling.The annual showcase for the final-year students of the Oakfields College Faculty Of Dance And Musical Theatre is one platform on which such youngsters can display their abilities to an audience that includes agents, producers, casting directors and other industry professionals. The programme for the event is designed with those experts in mind, with an extra column in which notes can be taken alongside the actors’, singers’ and dancers’ names and the titles of the pieces they’re performing.

Watching these students was interesting for a number of reasons – before their talents were even shown off. As teens and early twenty-somethings, their…

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