Theatre Review: Odd Man Out – A Spectrum Of Emotions, Or How We Aut To Behave


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Odd Man Out / Directed by Megan Willson / Auto & General Theatre On The Square, Sandton, Johannesburg


In Odd Man Out, Australian playwright David Williamson tackles a potentially touchy subject – autism – in away that is not only funny and moving but which also encourages audiences to be better at dealing with individuals they find discomfiting (the “odd man out” in any situation) rather than making the condition or disability exhibited the centre of the narrative.

It’s an approach that makes the play even more than the sum of its considerable parts – a fine achievement given the formidable cast and crew involved in this production.

Director Megan Willson ensures superb pacing, keeping her cast on their toes and the audience permanently engaged – something you notice most when coming out of the theatre after the better part of two hours with no real sense of that much time having passed.

The piece is anchored by the excellent Ashleigh Harvey…

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