Theatre Review: Plum Tree – Growing Pains, Or How Do You Like Them Apples?




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Plum Tree / Directed by Godfrey Johnson / Foxwood Theatre, Houghton, Johannesburg              6


It’s not often that you can watch an experienced writer and actor perform in a one-man show he’s written about his own life while standing on the stage of a theatre he owns. But this is the scenario that greets audiences watchin Jan Groenewald’s The Plum Tree at Foxwood Theatre, and that milieu adds a great deal of both intimacy and impact to the piece.

Groenewald’s original script – telling the story of an incident of child abuse half a century ago and its multi-faceted effects on his life afterwards – was written in Afrikaans, his first language, and there were in this particular performance instances of some rhythm problems in terms of Groenewald’s delivery of the translated version that rather tempered the power of his words. (To be fair, the actor admitted in a post-show chat that he’d had a bit of an off night, and reviews of…

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