Theatre Review: Polkadots – The Cool Kids Musical: Spot The Difference, Or New Niches For Square Pegs




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Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical / Directed by Shelley Adriaanzen / Redhill School            7.5


There’s nothing terribly complex about Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical, other than, after millennia in which we as a species have made the same mistakes as most of the characters involved, we still need a theatre production to help point out the folly of our ways.

Featuring just four actors, Polkadots is a brightly coloured fable that looks incredibly sweet and yet, for audience members sensitive to the overarching themes, has an unexpected bite.

Gugu Dhlamini is Lily Polkadot, an out-of-towner with pink hair and dots on her skin who is starting at a new school, in a class of only blue-haired kids with squares on their skin, and a teacher from the same mould. Lily is a confident, grounded individual, but as she finds her feet in her new context, even she is still prone to moments of doubt and loneliness.

In her class are brother and sister Sky…

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