Theatre Review: Porralicious 4 – Looks Familia, Or The Fourth Is Strong With This One




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Porralicious 4 / Directed by James Cuningham / Studio at Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre, Fourways, Johannesburg             8


Lightning theoretically never strikes the same place twice, making the success of this fourth instalment of writer, comedian and actress Sonia Esgueira’s intimate epic about a Portuguese family resident in South Africa hugely unlikely. That sentence mangles the logic of both mathematics and meteorology, but any performer who has built more than one one-person around the same theme or story will tell you that diminishing returns are, if not expected, then at least a consideration when mounting a new production.

Esgueira gets around this by using the simple but difficult to achieve formula of being extremely good at every aspect of the show she is responsible for. Her script provides all the detail, nuance and detail to all all of her characters – she plays a grandmother, a mother and father, and a son and…

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