Theatre Review: Snow White – The Fairest Pantomime In The Land, Or All That Glitters Is Bold




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Snow White: The Fairest Pantomime In The Land / Directed by Janice Honeyman / The Mandela, Joburg Theatre, Braamfontein, Johannesburg


People will go to pantomimes for as long as they’re staged. They’re family friendly and they come around at predictable times of year (often over school holidays), so they become very easy to schedule, becoming habits and then traditions. So it could be that those who stage pantomimes might settle into a routine; just rotate the standard themes, dress celebrities up in brightly-coloured costumes and stir in as many sponsors’ names as the script can stand.

Upping the ante is not simple, though. Mess with the formula too much and, while this year’s box office might not suffer too much, it’s possible that throwing a spanner in the works will cause the whole machine to splutter and possibly…stop.

The Joburg Theatre pantomime is probably the standard by which the genre is judged in South Africa, with the…

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