Theatre Review: Soulfire & Fireflies – Elegiac Elegance, Or All Heart In The Hide


Bruce Dennill

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All content by Bruce Dennill first published on pARTicipate, republished with permission.
Bruce Dennill
Soulfire & Fireflies
Soulfire &; Fireflies

Soulfire & Fireflies / Samantha Peo & Clifford Cooper / The Hide, Illovo, Johannesburg              8

Soulfire & Fireflies is an ever-evolving narrated review of torch songs, selections from various musicals and sophisticated interpretations of popular hits from a range of genre. Singer Samantha Peo (a favourite leading lady of South African theatre audiences) and pianist and experienced musical director Clifford Cooper are long-time collaborators, with their friendship evident in their easy familiarity and the affable sniping when one of them wanders off the otherwise polished script.

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The show is designed as chic dinner theatre for a small, elegant venue and Peo and Cooper were hosted this time around by The Hide in Illovo, a bar and bistro affair attached to a high-end office complex and so not generally on the radar for arts or music fans. The venue’s name was, for this particular production, rather ironic, given that the choice of songs and…

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