Theatre Review: Story Book Theatre – Grimm Made Gracious, Or Childs’ Play


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Bruce Dennill



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Story Book Theatre / Directed by Jill Girard and Keith Smith / People’s Theatre, Joburg Theatre, Braamfontein, South Africa


The People’s Theatre’s Story Book Theatre series follows a formula that can hardly miss. Classic fairy tales are stripped down to their most elemental details – in order to keep them both brief and accessible to the young audience the shows are pitched at – and an energetic triple-threat cast whistles through each story, swapping costumes and characters between, songs, dance routines and asides to the audience.

Added to an already full dance card is the capacity to deal with unexpected audience interactions and interruptions, with toddlers wandering onto the stage and mischievous slightly older types more knowingly making themselves part of the narrative, requiring cast members to gently but firmly manoeuvre them offstage while keeping the plot moving forward.

Using fairy tales as the source material makes the show…

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