Theatre Review: Tease! – The Vagina Dialogues, Or Toying With Perceptions



Tease! / Directed by Jose Domingos / Auto & General Theatre On The Square, Sandton, Johannesburg

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Sexuality is massively complicated, convoluted issue that is tackled in a myriad ways in popular entertainment – usually via ideas that, through being superficial or too eagerly people-pleasing, ultimately leave observers none the wiser at best and more confused at worst.

Co-writers Vanessa Frost and Tumi Morake, sensitive and insightful comedic minds both, have – along with director Jose Domingos, who also has a writing credit – created something that is rather more meaningful and significant, as well as, in parts, screamingly funny.

First impressions are not ideal: there is a rhyming scheme to the lines (delivered to the audience as a part of the introduction of the cast of characters, all played by Frost and Morake, doing quick changes with minimal costume tweaks) that initially feels a little forced and cheesy. Later, it makes more sense, in terms of…

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