Theatre Review: The Dead Tinder Society – Romance And Reality, Or Do Ray, She


Bruce Dennill

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All content by Bruce Dennill first published on pARTicipate, republished with permission.
Bruce Dennill


The Dead Tinder Society / Directed by Lesedi Job / Studio, Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre, Fourways, Johannesburg

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The end of something precious is always devastating. It has to be, otherwise whatever it is wasn’t precious. Devastated people do strange things. Things that are out of character and yet revealing of character. And what is revealed may, curiously, be precious.

The Dead Tinder Society’s protagonist Jody Green (Sharon Spiegel-Wagner) is a a mother of two in her late thirties whose life has fallen apart in the wake of a particularly tasteless (inasmuch as a grading system in this context has any value) affair between her husband and her erstwhile best friend. She stumbles on stage as the play begins, tipsy and apologetic, and explains how all of this happened, why it hurts, and how she feels about the future.

That this is done as a frank conversation between the character and the audience is the first mark of what becomes an enduring…

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