Theatre Review: The Illusionists Direct From Broadway – Slickness And Secrets, Or Eclectic Enchantment


Bruce Dennill

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Bruce Dennill


The Illusionists: Direct From Broadway / Directed by Hollie England / Teatro, Montecasino, Fourways, Johannesburg         7.5

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Much of the time spent watching an illusionist usually involves doing your best to figure out how the performer is doing his or her trick. The Illusionists: Direct From Broadway, an ensemble show featuring eight experts in various disciplines, is different in that it’s presented as a collective extravaganza, with formidable production values that make it a big, brash entertainment juggernaut rather than a focused showcase of a specific skill.

This is not to say that the individual magicians don’t have ample opportunity to astonish and dumbfound onlookers – they do, and by and large they do a faultless job – but the show works, and will appeal to a very wide range of audiences, because of its slickness, pace and the diverse elements that are combined onstage.

The range of specialities on show already offers something…

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