Theatre Review: Worbey And Farrell – Rhapsody: Many Hands Make Music Work, Or Orchestral Manoeuvres Are A Lark




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Rhapsody / Worbey And Farrell / Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre, Fourways, Johannesburg


Steven Worbey And Kevin Farrell are a pair of Englishmen possessed of the musicianship of concert pianists and corresponding amounts of gentle humour and charm. It’s an immediately appealing combination, and one that has a good track record with South African audiences, with the long-running Handful Of Keys productions built on a similar model.

What is notably different in this production is that there is only a single piano, which the duo share – “Four hands, one piano” is one of their most enthusiastically touted marketing taglines. Playing the piano like the way these guys do requires a whole different set of skills to the more traditional everyone-gets-his-own-instrument approach. Worbey and Farrell do not simply sit side by side, one handling the bass and the other treble. Instead, playing their own hugely complex – and often very fast –…

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