Theatre revolts and evolves against GBV


From 25 November to 10 December 2019, The South African State Theatre will join the rest of the global community in standing up against Gender-Based Violence.

The theatre will be hosting a series of productions under the banner, Theatre Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. This is a movement that uses art as an instrument to raise awareness on GBV in the country.

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Now in its second year, the Theatre Activism Against GBV this year will be themed: REVOLT and EVOLVE. This year alone, the country has witnessed a rise in deadliest attacks, capturing, abuse and killings of, especially, women and children. The safety of women and children in our country must be restored! We need more than 16 Days, we need 365 days of everyone taking a stand against the violence and abuse of women and children.

This year’s instalment will be featuring works created by acclaimed artists such as Nelisiwe Xaba, Kwanele Finch, Joseph Komani, Albert Ibokwe Khoza, and Quinton Manning to name a few. Local musicians: Solace Can, Ndoni Nzalabantu, Blessings and many more, will team in a music concert on 30 November 2019 in aid to raise awareness on the scourge of abuse on women and children. The programme will run in various open spaces within and outside the theatre complex – with some shows requiring purchase while most will be free- so that it can be accessible to everyone. Working in collaboration with the University of Pretoria, other works will be presented at the university’s Javett Art Centre.

Theatre Activism Against Gender Based Violence Full Line-Up includes;

BANG BANG WO | Created by Nelisiwe Xaba
24 November, 18H00. Tickets R100
Bang-Bang-Wo is a lecture performance where ‘help’ is the central theme. Bang Bang Wo is directly translated from Mandarin for the word ‘help’. The performance is titled Bang Bang Wo to playfully investigate the politics of aid. Xaba presents compelling questions around the subject of help. Having structured a script that approaches nuances of help, she moves through the heavy subject matter humorously, provoking thought and refraining from prescribing a definitive philosophy of help for the audience.

FLESH LIGHT | Created by Joseph Komani and choregraphed by Mpho Maifadi
27 November 18H00. FREE
This is a performance art piece which focuses on parents who have dealt with the shock and trauma of losing a DAUGHTER. Its style is inspired by different disciplines from the Chinese physical theatre. It is also influenced by Augusto Boal (Theatre of the oppressed). It is not a dance piece or a drama performance but an expression/Image theatre that is supposed to speak to a community member about how some or if not, most WOMEN are ill-treated in public spaces. Flash/Light features an all women cast who are dressed in black suits, black caps and white sneakers. Their moral is to create a choreographed movement using burnt umbrellas to emphasize or project out how most women feel walking in public spaces.

HAI-YI, SIPHI? | Directed by Kamogelo Molobye.
29th November 18H00. FREE
Violence manifests itself in various forms, actions, and faces that extends beyond physical violence. Hai-yi, siphi? is a physical theatre production that seeks to explore the nuances of unspoken forms of violence on marginalised people such as children, women, and queer bodies in South Africa.

CONVERTING EVICTION |A collaboration between German Swiss Artist Tim Zalauf and South African choreographer and performance artist Sello Pesa, engaging Momo Motsinyane (SA), Humphrey Maleka (SA), Vivienne Bullert (DE,CH) and Christopher Rath (AU,CH) as performers and Musicians: Tracy September & Sandi MX Blouse (SA).
02 December, 16H00. Tickets R100
Converting Eviction takes the form of a theatrical installation. It is an ongoing research-process that has a close look into South Africa’s dense and extraordinary struggles with decolonisation. The project deals with the history of property, belonging and the agency to create meaningful lives within dysfunctional structures. It looks back into the ways that countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg and France profited from dealing with the Apartheid regime, and how the structures from these former economic relations perpetuate today.

GENOG GEËET?! |Choreographed and performed by Quinton Manning
6 December, 18H00. FREE
Genog Geëet?! is a soft liberation from masculine toxicity and a violent appreciation of feminine power. Have you had enough? You have had enough! Enough is enough. Genog Geëet?! is a dirty dish trying to clean itself while playing in its own dirt and finding the pleasure in shattering itself. Genog Geëet?! is a Sunday seven colours meal offering itself to be eaten. Genoeg van ‘manne geen trane’! Kom ons eet saam (Enough of ‘men no tears’! Let’s eat together).

VOICES | created by Missy Ngamlana and Directed by Khutjo Green
7 December 2019, 16H30. FREE
Voices explores themes of societal norms and expectations. This is derived from opinions of people looking from the outside, into the LGBTQ+ community. “Majority of these opinions are based off people’s expectations of roles assigned to society and how they should be upheld. Many, due to religious, traditional and cultural reasons are opposed to the choices and lifestyles of the LGBTQ+ community as they believe this goes against what is ‘normal’ and what fits their expectations.”

RITES | Created by Kwanele Finch
7 December, 18H00. FREE
Through the body moving through land, in land, within, out. How do we express that which is internal, where do we lay those words that come from the gut? How does the dead dance again? Sound is very silent, the sound comes from the breath of the bull, the cow and the horse. The smell of smoke is up inside my nose. The performer is standing in a tub of milk wearing white teeth.

THE RED FEMICYCLE | Created by Albert Ibokwe Khoza
8 & 10 December, 18H00. Tickets R100
In the Red Femiclycle, Khoza takes a stand to speak on women issues as man categorised by biology but stands for woman as a ‘nongender appropriate and human being’. In collaboration with Oupa Sibeko (performance artist), Lerato matolodi(dancer) and Itai hakim (musician). “The Red femicycle happens every month every day every hour every minute sometimes without the cramps. This is an offering and tribute to the spirit of Matriarchs that have shaped and influenced me, my mother, my grandmothers; to my initiators and the many strong woman who have been stripped of their dignity and worth,” says Khoza.


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