Tim Plewman’s Caveman is going to Vegas


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Tim Plewman in Defending the Caveman. Pic: Suzy Bernstein
Tim Plewman in Defending the Caveman. Pic: Suzy Bernstein

South Africans living in Vegas, and those on vacation to the desert city, will be treated to some homegrown comedy when Tim Plewman’s Defending the Caveman takes to the stage at The D Las Vegas.

On 3 March 2017, the revered South African actor will perform his hysterical play to the thrill-seekers on the strip.

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Considered one of the best solo comedies in the world, Defending the Caveman explores the complexities of romance and relationships with truthful hilarity. Through his Caveman, Plewman ensures his audiences spend the entire show in stitches but walk away with something to think about.

Whether you’re in Las Vegas for the Rugby 7’s, to enjoy the bright lights or to hit the casinos, make sure you don’t miss this comedic gem.

“What a fantastic time to be in Vegas, support the Bokke at the 7’s and bring our South African flavour to Defending the Caveman,” says Plewman. “It is amazing how universal it is…the perfect date comedy. So pull into my cave on 3 March for Caveman like you’ve never seen it before.”

Plewman has an uncanny knack for capturing the crowd, and, no matter who you choose to take along; a partner, friend, family member or colleague, you will not regret spending the evening with one of Msanzi’s most revered comedians.

Catch Defending the Caveman at The D Las Vegas, 301 E Fremont Ave, Las Vegas (the north end of the strip) at 18:00 on 3 March 2017.

Bookings can be made at http://www.theD.com and special discount rates will be offered to South African groups over to watch the Rugby 7’s.

For more information, visit www.timplewman.co.za. Alternatively, connect with Plewman on Facebook and Twitter.

Watch the Defending the Caveman promo video here: http://bit.ly/1OXawiP.

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