UJ Youth Arts Festival now open for applications


The inaugural UJ Youth Arts Festival is set to take place from 24 August to 7 September 2018.

UJ Arts & Culture (a division of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Johannesburg) invites proposals from tertiary institutions, arts and culture organisations, and colleges to participate in the UJ Youth Arts Festival.

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“Our strong belief in the value of the arts in the lives of young people has been the driving force behind the establishment of the UJ Youth Arts Festival, which aims to offer access to an affordable platform for the development and support of young people’s creative and artistic abilities. The arts present opportunities to develop ideas and opinions, provide a means of self-expression and build confidence. The power of these life skills, in addition to the fulfilment of which the arts are capable of facilitating, cannot be underestimated. UJ Arts & Culture is delighted to be in a position to present this celebration of young talent,” says Pieter Jacobs, Head of UJ Arts & Culture.


The terms and conditions for participating in the UJ Youth Arts Festival are as follows:

  • No registration or administration fees will be charged
  • Venue(s) will be made available at no cost
  • Technical staffing and general equipment will be provided at no cost
  • Front of house (FOH) service will be provided at no cost
  • UJ Arts & Culture’s ticketing system must be used (at no cost)
  • Marketing support (through promotion of the festival) will be provided
  • A door split of 60% in favour of UJ Arts & Culture and 40% for productions will apply (bearing in mind that some workshops and/or discussions might be presented for free)
  • A maximum of three performances per production will be allocated

The deadline for submissions is Friday 30 April. To submit a proposal please follow the link below:


Hosted at the UJ Art Centre on the Kingsway Campus and the Con Cowan Theatre on the Bunting Road Campus, also in Auckland Park, a limited number of dance, drama, comedy, orchestra and choir performances will be presented alongside workshops, lectures and forum discussions. With the exception of a few lunchtime music concerts, performances will be scheduled in the evenings, with a limited number of daytime events.

“Growing the pool of audiences is a priority for the arts, and UJ Arts & Culture believes one way to achieve this is by developing relationships with, and a love for, the arts among young people,” says Jacobs. “We hope that the opportunity for young creatives to engage and see each other’s work will boost the development of their creative skills and challenge them to raise the bar and produce work of an outstanding standard,” he adds.

The festival will also offer the UJ Arts Academy’s stage craft students an opportunity to put the skills they have acquired through the year to the test while working alongside professional theatre technicians.

For festival inquiries, please send an e-mail to fumanim@uj.ac.za or call 011 559 4674. For more information about UJ Arts & Culture please visit www.uj.ac.za/arts

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