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Oil painting on canvas by Brent Dodd
Oil painting on canvas by Brent Dodd

The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of artists and the quality of the work on exhibition.

For the first time this year there is a featured exhibition “Kuzempondozankomo” … “It is the time of the horns of the cattle” by Ed Schroeder and Brent Dodd.

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“The phrase indicates the appearance of the first light of dawn, and suggests the silhouette of the heads and horns of the cattle gathered in the byre just visible against the coming light” – Marguerite Poland –The Abundant Herds

The inspiration for this unusual exhibition came from a chapter in Marguerite Poland’s book “The Abundant Herds”. Much has been written about the striking colour patterns of the Nguni cattle, but the different conformations of horn have received considerably less attention. Whilst there are well over a hundred different identified colour patterns, there are at least fifty-six different conformations of horn which have been identified.

Brent Dodd, internationally acclaimed artist, and Ed Schroeder, well known Nguni photographer, have combined their respective talents to create an extraordinary exhibition.

Most exhibitions containing paintings and photographs would have the two art forms separated. However, this exhibition attempts to combine Schroeder’s and Dodd’s respective skills to produce something truly remarkable. Dodd’s beautifully caught moments in time from the world’s rich environments offer a vision of true connection to the subject. Dodd paints in rich colours and a highly naturalistic, detailed style that evokes the exuberance of both the Impressionists and colour photography pioneers such as Stephen Shore. His subject matter, however, is a unique reflection of his one experience and affection for the world he knows, as he portrays humans, landscapes and wildlife with equal precision and empathy. Opting for simple, centralized compositions that nevertheless include key indicative environments and atmospheres.

No fewer than 80 artists will be exhibiting.

The Artists’ Gallery, Ramsgate, relocates for the weekend to the History Room. Don’t miss the work of this fine collective. Allen Kupeta curates an exhibition of up and coming artists in Campbell. It is worth dropping in to watch them at work. There are exhibitions in the Centenary Centre, Raymond Slater Library, the Art Block and in the Perspective Tents.

For details of all artists and exhibitions see

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