Voices Against Sexual Violence at Soweto Theatre


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What a joy! Soweto Melodic Voices are a talented and inspiring group of young people who fill you with emotion and wonder.

Soweto Melodic Voices sing out against the scourge of sexual violence sweeping South Africa in Voices Against Sexual Violence.
Soweto Melodic Voices sing out against the scourge of sexual violence sweeping South Africa in Voices Against Sexual Violence.

The group’s motto is “We sing when we’re happy and we sing when we’re sad,’ and with that, they take audiences on a beautiful journey through spiritual gospel moments to raucous dance tunes. Regardless of the song, every single member of the choir smiles with engaging intensity. SMV is led by the beaming founder Neria Madikane who expects nothing less from her troupe. For people the show could dispense with a song composed by Madikane putting a stop the senseless killing of women and children, preaching peace, as the music itself is so effective and needs no introduction.

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The programme contains enough information to appreciate what an impressive group they are, joined by young musicians from the age of 14-30. The choir gives its members a chance to leave meaningful lives and help with their education prospects. Their love of music is unmistakeable. From their glowing smiles, spirited dancing, impassioned voices and their God-given talent, Soweto Melodic Voices is a wander that cannot be missed.

Over the years the choir has gained the love and support of local and international audiences with the help of the Chaplaincy of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The choir has done amazing work with schools and churches in Edinburgh and has since linked schools in Mzansi with schools abroad including Universities and churches. Soweto Melodic Voices launched its 1st CD recorded by the University of Edinburgh labelled ‘Harambe’, a Shona word meaning ‘Pulling together’.

Since then they have another recorded CD, Volume 2. Throughout its outstanding performances, Soweto Melodic Voices has left a global imprint, having visited the USA invited by Creative Connections and International Cultural Education Organisation to perform for schools in the United States of America for their 2016 Summer. They have also performed at the Fringe in Scotland’s renowned Edinburgh Arts Festival Summer for three years in succession.

This year’s production, Voices Against Sexual Violence is about bringing a stop to the current scourge of violence sweeping through our beloved country where women and children bear the brunt. Soweto Melodic Voices stands up in protest and says: “STOP THE KILLING OF OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!”

The show starts with beautiful music composed by Madikane, outfits reference Africa’s majestic wildlife quintet, The Big 5, representing Africa at its best. Whistling and girls sing and dance filling the auditorium with beautiful harmonies. The singing is to die for! Songbirds belt out notes and do all manner of vocal tricks, loud and soft and completely unaided. Their dynamics throughout are controlled and effective. A delightful show with an important message. Voices Against Sexual Violence is a show that inspires and is not to be missed!

Venue: Soweto Theatre

Performance times, dates and running fees:
Dates: 21, 29, and 30 March 2019
Times: 15:30; 20:00 and 15:30 respectively
Fees: 1st show 21st = R100;
2nd and 3rd Shows = R150 per show
Tickets can be purchased at Soweto Theatre or online (www.sowetotheatre.com)

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