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all about writing - courses for people passionate about writing
all about writing – courses for people passionate about writing

Every writer needs a gentle guide who prods them to write each day. And daily coaching on best practice from someone who is on their side.

That’s what All About Writing is offering with their creative writing Coaching Programme, which runs for two weeks from 7 May.

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Every writer experiences it occasionally, because writing is a lonely business. We all have times when we want to write but can’t get it together; when we’re stuck or need to brush-up on the skills to write seriously.

Over an intensive two-week period, coaching participants will develop a daily writing discipline while receiving honest, but kind advice on what works and how to improve. All About Writing provides a safe space in which every writer and would-be writer can feel free to experiment.

This is the second coaching programme for 2018 and this one focuses on the logic of story: the glue which holds it together. Each day, a short module – designed to fit into a busy day – will look at a different aspect of writing necessary for building a story, from its characters and the structure of its scenes, to sentence formation.

Story is the basis for whatever you write: fiction or non-fiction and whether for page or screen. Without this strong foundation, writing can flounder and lack focus, which is the reason so many writers get stuck.

“Once you understand the logic, you will gain the confidence of knowing exactly where you’re going. Your writing will flow,” says co-designer, Jo-Anne Richards.

Jo-Anne is an internationally published author with a PhD in Creative Writing. She presents the course with Richard Beynon, story consultant and award-winning script and screenplay writer.

On twelve out of the fourteen days of the programme, All About Writing gives full feedback on every person’s writing. On the sixth and thirteenth days, they will provide a live hour-long webinar, in which participants can ask questions and discuss issues which may have arisen during the week. At the end of each week, they will have the chance to try their hand at an exercise which will bring together and entrench all they have learnt.

Anyone who can’t make those dates, or is worried about the two-week commitment, can still join the first Coaching Programme: Focus on Scenes, at any time. This programme will still provide feedback on every piece of writing, but can be completed in their own time.

For more information – http://allaboutwritingcourses.com/creative-writing-day-by-day/

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