Xander Joubert releases first single and video

Xander Joubert - Aardbewing
Xander Joubert – Aardbewing

Turn up the radio volume, because Xander Joubert’s debut pop single, Aardbewing (Earthquake), is definitely not to be missed.

The song has just been released and is ready to take over radio frequencies. It boasts a refreshing new pop sound that will not only be popular on the dance floor, but also promises to conquer the hearts and ears of listeners across the country.

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The pop sensation’s easy-listening voice perfectly complements the song’s (written by Werner Beukes) feel-good rhythm. Aardbewing is an interesting pop arrangement, with a modern ‘sokkie’ approach, about being in love and all the emotions and excitement that goes with this feeling. It has an upbeat tune, which will encourage fans to dance and sing along. “The aim of pop music is simplicity … to tell a simple story in as little words as possible. The song is about someone who is in love. We wanted to create a catchy tune that audiences would be able to relate to,” he shares. “Life can be difficult and chaotic sometimes and I think that a song like this has the potential to brighten someone’s day.”

The music video, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Gerhard van Rooyen, was released this past weekend: “It is about a nerd who is in love with a girl and wants her to be his prom date. He has no social skills and does not know how to broach the subject. We then meet his alter ego, who clearly intimidates him and makes fun of his insecurities and social awkwardness. He struggles with himself to overcome his ambiguities and regain his self-confidence as he builds up the courage to attend prom and become who he has always wanted to be”, says Xander. The video was shot at various locations, in and around Pretoria.

Xander is passionate about music and has been working hard for the past seven years to realize his dream. His singing talent was discovered in high school, when a teacher heard him sing the National Anthem and invited him to participate in a competition in which he did really well. Before he knew it, he was hooked and decided to go for vocal coaching sessions. He won several other competitions and was offered a contract with Majorca, after school, which he unfortunately had to turn down. “I do not come from a musical background but have always been fascinated by the music industry and musicians. There are also several great memories and emotions of the past that I associate with music. Singing was never part of my plans for the future. I was a sportsman, on a tennis scholarship from Curro College, but things worked out exactly like it was supposed to,” he says.

Although he enjoys a wide variety of music, he has always had great admiration for artists like Steve Hofmeyr and Elvis Blue. He also listens to overseas musicians like Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, Sam Smith, ZAYN, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Sia and Little Mix. “My biggest inspiration is to create good music with a lasting impact. I strive to improve all the time and am never satisfied with my songs. I see it as a good thing, because this way I will never stop growing. I have great appreciation for many different types of music and genres, but a good voice will always impress me most,” shares the artist.

If he had to choose a different career, he would have liked to be a farmer or a restaurant owner (to showcase his talent as a cook). But for now, his biggest focus is singing, and he is working hard on his debut album, which will most likely include ten original Afrikaans and four English tracks that is planned for later this year. He is the owner of an independent record company, XJ Records, and wants to take in new artists in 2019. He also dreams of sharing his talent with international audiences someday.

Xander believes that music reveals a lot about who you are… and wants to establish a respected place for himself in the South African music industry. AARDBEWING is not only going to be a hit on the dance floor and charts, but also marks the start of a very promising career for this talented artist.


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