Youth Expressions Festival at SA State Theatre

Youth Expressions Festival
Youth Expressions Festival

In June, Youth Month, the SA State Theatre will host a feast of young people expressing themselves through drama, dance, hip hop, comedy, poetry and music. The main festival features performances of The Exhibition and Johnny Boskak is Feeling Funny.
“Exhibition” is a story of an old man who has painted his rough past as murals. The play deals with issues of abuse of a child by a mother, the impact of violence from a man to aspirant lover and the rejection of a child by his father. It is full of psychological impact, very commanding, and makes one reflect on social responsibility.

Johnny Boskak is Feeling Funny tells the story of a white man who survives the horrors of conscription during the apartheid years in South Africa. It is a stark reminder of a forgotten time when boys were moulded into weapons of mass destruction. It is a theme that speaks to the importance of history, and stories, to remind us of how far (or not) we’ve come since the abolishment of apartheid.
Youth Expressions Festival
Youth Expressions Festival

Johnny Boskak is Feeling Funny, written by the multi award-winning Greig Coetzee, is a 70-minute rap. An epic rock-poem. Coupled with Craig Morris’ unique, explosive and highly energised performance style, words and action deliver a powerful and moving tribute to lives sacrificed to an evil ideal. The style is unique and innovative in it’ content and the telling thereof, and as such could find relevance in any one of the selected categories.

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The Youth Expressions Festival also contains a Fringe Programme that includes Pantsula, traditional, Kwasa and Hip Hop dance groups, choral and music concerts, drama productions and presentations by a number of young artists.

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