Cape Town City Ballet dances at Maynardville


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Les Sylphides
Les Sylphides

The Firebird and Les Sylphides with Cape Town City Ballet feature as part of the Maynardville Open-Air Festival from 24 to 28 January 2018.

As part of the newly-formed Maynardville Open-Air Festival, the Cape Town City Ballet will present a programme of two classics, Prokofiev’s The Firebird and Chopin’s Les Sylphides.

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Ballet was performed for the first time at Maynardville in 1951 and then regularly until 1974, by the UCT Ballet Co and the Capab Ballet Co. After a break of 28 years, the Cape Town City Ballet returned to the venue in 2002 and has performed there annually ever since.

Cape Town City Ballet
The Firebird and Les Sylphides

24 – 28 January 2018

The producers of the new Festival, LiquidMatch Productions and the Maynardville Theatre Trust, have created a brand-new combination of music, dance and more – with a classical spin and some contemporary spice.

The Firebird features Kostchei, an evil magician who casts a spell on anyone caught in his domain. He wanders through the forest, where the Firebird is flitting from tree to tree. Prince Ivan Tsarevich is also in the forest and he captures the Firebird. She promises to give him a feather with which he can summon her aid if he releases her.

When Prince Ivan is waylaid by a horde of demons under Kostchei’s spell, the Firebird rescues him, and he is re-united with his love, the Tsarevna. The Firebird blesses the marriage.

This production was created by David Poole in 1974, when it was first produced at Maynardville with Ann Layfield and Elizabeth Triegaardt in the title role.

The programme includes Les Sylphides produced Cecily Robinson for the Cape Town Ballet Club in 1938, at the Alhambra Theatre and the City Hall. She produced the ballet for the Capab Ballet Co for the first time in 1966, and it is this version that has been danced regularly by the Cape Town City Ballet, produced by Elizabeth Triegaardt

Tickets are from R150 to R220 with booking at Computicket and Artscape Dial-A-Seat on 021 421 7695.

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