Comedy #selfie lampoons celebrity culture


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Popular celebrity couple Kajal Maharaj and Nesan Pather return to the stage in #selfie, a hot new comedy by Clinton Marius. Social media and celebrity culture are merrily lampooned in this brand-new show to be presented at The Pavilion Hotel, Durban Beachfront, on 1 April 2017.

Kajal Maharaj as ‘Kammi K’ and Nesan Pather as ‘Hash’, with Clinton Marius in the latter’s new comedy two-hander, #selfie (Photo by Jays Studio).
Kajal Maharaj as ‘Kammi K’ and Nesan Pather as ‘Hash’, with Clinton Marius in the latter’s new comedy two-hander, #selfie (Photo by Jays Studio).

Devised and directed by multi award-winner Clinton Marius (Lollipop Lane, B!*ch Stole My Doek, Sweetie Darling), the side-splitting satire stars the talented and funny husband and wife duo, Kajal Maharaj (Spice ‘n Stuff, Bad Girls, All Girl Comedy Jam, Marital Blitz, Popcom) and Nesan Pather (Marital Blitz, Popcom) as two hapless and narcissistic social climbers, Kammi K and Hash, who are fiercely determined to extend their 15 minutes of fame. The pair share tips on how to increase and improve social media presence, and also poke fun at the online antics of the chronically vain.

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‘We are throwing theatre etiquette out of the window for this production,’ says Pather, ‘and encouraging audience members to use their cell phones during the show. We’ll be broadcasting live online, and sharing footage and audience commentary as it happens. And people can also follow the antics of this trio via the Facebook page, Selfie.’

While the couple are no strangers to teamwork on stage – having previously appeared together in Marital Blitz and Popcom – this will be the first time they both collaborate with Marius.

‘Kajal played Sal, a chain-smoking nymphomaniac in my radio comedy, Lollipop Lane,’ says the writer-director. ‘The character became a favourite with listeners. I saw this same energy and comic skill on stage, when I directed her and High Rollers actress, Mayuri Naidu, in the latter’s beautiful play, The Sepia Seamstress. I’m pleased to be working with Kajal again – and doubly-pleased that we have her witty and talented husband as part of the mix.’

Nesan Pather also has a footprint in the music industry under the alias 1818, with a string of radio and viral hits. Kajal Maharaj is remembered in her presenting role for Dharma Moments, SABC 2 and So Fab on Saffron TV.

‘This is a unique evening of entertainment’, adds Maharaj, ‘besides the merriment on stage, the interactive live component will allow viewers online to also be part of the fun.’

#selfie runs at The Pavilion Hotel, 15 KE Masinga Road on 1 April 2017 at 8pm. Early booking is advised, through Webtickets

Follow the trio on Instagram @kajalmaharaj, @nesanpather and @clintonmarius.

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