From Koe’siestes to Kneidlach in Sandton


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From Koe'siestes to Kneidlach
From Koe’siestes to Kneidlach

Presented by Daphne Kuhn and Kizara Kreative and directed by Megan Furniss, this is the totally bizarre, completely hilarious, strangely moving and absolutely true story of what happened when a brownish girl from the Cape Flats got involved with a Jew-ish boy from Joburg’s East Rand!

From Koe’siestes to Kneidlach written by and starring Chantal Stanfield runs at the Auto and General Theatre on the Square from 28 February-18 March.

Chantal Stanfield shares her mostly accurate personal story of what happened to her – a girl from the Cape Flats – and how she entered the strange world of Jewish Joburg, where she had to navigate meeting the boyfriend’s family at her first shabbos ever, to late-night benching (no, not the gym kind), and the strange and secret spaces of shul and shandes (scandals). She wrestles with confusion over her identity, and the various labels that are placed on her while trying to understand Yiddish (oy gevalt!), gefilte fish and decades-old faribels! She deals with the panic of what to wear to a bris (ritual circumcision of a week-old boy baby) and being questioned about her afro hair.

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From Koe'siestes to Kneidlach
Chantal Stanfield – From Koe’siestes to Kneidlach

This uniquely South African tale reveals the first-hand experiences of being a Goy (a Yiddish word used by some Jews to describe a non-Jew), and a ‘coloured’ one at that in the tiny, tight Jewish community of Joburg. Chantal tries to get to grips with a culture and heritage that is so vastly different to her own, but sometimes, surprisingly similar. Along the way we meet the omnipresent voice of her mother, her gay best friend and even her first Rabbi.

From Koe'siestes to Kneidlach
Chantal Stanfield

From Koe’siestes to Kneidlach will run at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square from 28 February – 18 March. There will be 6 performances per week – Tuesdays to Fridays at 20:15 and two shows on Saturdays at 18:00 and 20:15. Enquire about dinner show specials and group discounts. Call the theatre on 011 883 8606 or book online: or tel. the call centre: 0861 915 8000.


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