Ghoema award winner Stella releases solo album


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STELLA - Nuwe Môre
STELLA – Nuwe Môre

Stella’s long-awaited debut solo album, Nuwe Môre, is here! Every so often, each of us crave a new beginning, a second chance to realise our dreams. Stella’s debut solo album, Nuwe Môre, is not only representative of the new direction her musical career is taking, but is also something to which listeners would be able to relate. The CD consists of twelve chillingly beautiful original contemporary tracks, all showcasing her emotive voice, which would bedazzle even the most critical of listeners.

This talented singer-songwriter is most certainly not a newcomer to the music industry. She is part of the gospel-group, Duis:Lig, who just won the Ghoema Award for Best Gospel Album for the second year in a row!

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Her first single and music video, Nuwe Môre, was released in April 2016. Both were received unbelievably well by radio stations. The second single, Deur Die Liefde en Die Seer, was released during March 2017 and continues the success she has already achieved.


  • Deur Die Liefde En Die Seer (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
  • Die Berge Blou (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
  • Nuwe Môre (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
  • Dagbreek (Stella)
  • Hoop In Liefde (Stella)
  • Limbo (Stella)
  • Onthou Jy Nog (Stella)
  • Carry You (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
  • Wonderwerk (Stella)
  • Suid-Afrika (Stella, Rixi Roman, Jake Odendaal)
  • Uit Die Mond Van ’n Boom (Stella)
  • Words (Stella & Jake Odendaal)
  • Nuwe Môre (Acoustic Version)


She is very excited about the full-length album, which will be released on 28 April 2017, and describes it as modern and contemporary, with a touch of elements from pop and folk music. They have been working on the content since 2013, and she explains: “I wanted to include songs that reflect who I am as an artist and person. It is a new direction for my career, which makes the title appropriate. Although I have written most of the songs myself, there are a few on which I have collaborated with Jake Odendaal. He is a very talented musician and songwriter. The biggest challenge was to find my own sound. I like too many different things, and it is important to find a balance between your own preferences and what other people would like. Listeners can look forward to quality Afrikaans music, with a lot of depth and a variety of sounds. One song doesn’t automatically give away the rest of the album. There is something for everyone to identify with. I want my music to give people hope, to bless them, and to make them feel good.” Die Berge Blou is currently her favourite, but she is also crazy about Onthou Jy Nog, because of the childhood memories it invokes. The album is available on all digital platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music and MiTracks.

Even though she has already been a professional singer-songwriter for nine years, her big break only came when she started Duis:Lig with Hennie Maritz. Like her exceptional and versatile voice, Stella is also a woman of many talents and with a lot on her plate. When she is not busy being a musician, she is a farmer’s wife in Carolina and a mother of an eight-month-old girl. Furthermore, she is co-owner of their guesthouse and wedding venue, Acorn Guest Farm.

Over the years, the music industry has taught her to be patient and to surround herself with the right team of people. She has had to overcome many large obstacles in both her private and professional life, and focuses on a good, happy and healthy lifestyle and family environment. “I have experienced how God has opened all the right doors at the right time for me. I feel ready for this and just want to do my thing – perform, write and record, work on the STELLA brand and to praise and worship with Duis:Lig,” she says about the future. Her own music is actually testimony to this, and we cannot wait to hear what she has to share in the future…


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