Henrico Coetzer releases single: Soos Reën


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Henrico Coetzer - Soos Reen
Henrico Coetzer – Soos Reen

Henrico Coetzer releases first single, Soos Reën, written by Joshua Na Die Reën.“There was no doubt in my mind that my song, Soos Reën, had to be sung by Henrico Coetzer!” This was what renowned singer and composer Joshua Na Die Reën thought when he first heard the voice of the newbie from Pretoria.

Henrico was ecstatic with this idea and within a few weeks the song was recorded and is set to hit radio stations across South-Africa and beyond in the week of 23 May 2016.

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Joshua Na Die Reën added that it is a privilege when someone with a voice like Henrico, who can add so much to the SA music scene, decides to record on of his songs.

Henrico received vocal coaching from the tenor, Chris Coetzer (Drie Tenore), and has shared stages with people like Bobby van Jaarsveld, his sister Karlien, Theuns Jordaan, Corlea Botha and many others since the age of eighteen.

Henrico Coetzer
Henrico Coetzer

It was at one of these concerts where Joshua Na die Reën (who on that evening played the piano for Bobby) noticed Henrico performing and the decision about Soos Reën was made.

While Henrico was getting ready to leave after the show, he heard a knock on his window, and Joshua offered the song to him. Soon after that, Henrico was in the studio recording the song “…want jy is vir my soos reën op die vlakte van my siel wat liefde nooit geken het nie…toe vang jy my toe ek wil val…”.

As a young boy Henrico often told his parents that he was going to be a singer when he grew up and between himself and his sister they put together many concerts with their family as the audience members.

“Talents are not just a given, you have to nurture, practice and care for it,” says Henrico.

He describes Soos Reën as more than just a song, but more like a poem about a love story which can have a different meaning to each listener. “I want to make music that will touch people’s hearts”.

The single forms part of his second album, Dis wie ek is…, and was recorded during the course of 2015. It includes songs written by Bobby van Jaarsveld, Johan Oberholzer, Hilandi du Toit, Joshua na die Reën and Henrico.

“The album tells the listener who I am, and each song comes from the heart”, says Henrico who doesn’t only have the voice but the looks as well!

And no, ladies. He is not taken yet, but still up for grabs!

His main focus is on his music for now and also charity work through his performances. He is often seen performing at CANCA relay marathons, where he encourages the tired runners to go the extra mile.

Music lovers can also see him on a regular basis at the Die Blou Hond theatre in Pretoria and he was also part of the Droomkind stage production.

Apart from singing he also excels in the fine arts of painting and poetry, but for now he is concentrating on the singing. From opera classics like Nessun Dorma to songs like Soos Reën, listen out because you are going to be hearing a lot from Henrico!

Social media platforms:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Henrico-288839707819172/
Twitter: Henrico_Coetzer

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