House of Parliament Blues – ‘Voetsek Shutup’


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Tony Cox
Tony Cox

Madiba Music writes:
Gathering momentum on radio and social media, this satirical song pokes fun at members of SA Parliament and their swak tempers.

‘Voetsek’ (pr. ‘foot-sek’) is a disrespectful, rude way to tell someone to buzz off loudly.

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These (ahem) niceties don’t seem to bother South African parliament members much. Multitudes live in the direst conditions, while MPs swear and verbally sjambok each other with insult and rendering the function of parliament useless.


The song and lyric video have struck a chord with many listeners (and viewers) evoking much feedback and many comments including:

“Should be our national anthem” Mark Phillips

“a little black comedy to highlight how our country is being run, this Voetsek Shutup song captures our MPs at their best” Kagiso Baloi

” We handle stress in SA in a very interesting way. Tony, you are simply brilliant!” Henri Craemer

“Voetsek Shutup, this song could easily be adapted to colourful characters in the U.K. parliament. Nice one Tony!” Patrick O’Neill

“Take a listen South Africa and enjoy…haaaa Tony Cox you nailed it!” Poppy Jacobs

“It’s absolutely brilliant” Zone Radio‏

“WOW!!! I love this… it is awesome!!! This is great Tony, it’s very catchy:) it’s going to be on my playlist for a long time!” S Nhlangwini

Click here for the “House of Parliament Blues” lyric video

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