Joshua na die Reën releases new music video

Joshua na die Reën
Joshua na die Reën

Die Wêreld Binne My, a new music video from singer Joshua na die Reën has been released.

“Ek is gebou, jy is gebou en die Wêreld binne my is in afwagting oor jou. Kom hardloop deur my woude, kom swem hier in my see. Wees somer oor my berge, want dis hier waar jy regeer – ek in jou en jy in my…” are just some of the moving lyrics taken from Joshua na die Reën’s song, Die Wêreld Binne My. The hit was released in 2016 as the title track of the talented musician’s second album and the long-awaited music video, of this crowd-pleaser, has just been released.

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The song stays true to the unique contemporary sound for which Joshua na die Reën became famous and is a combination of moving life lessons and poignant melodies. It was very well received by audiences and radio stations across the country and was recently named as GrootFm’s biggest hit of 2016. “The best understanding I have of life is that we all mature differently and at our own pace, which determines how we feel, live, see and understand certain things. This creates a unique world inside each person. I think that the biggest mistake humanity has made, throughout the decades, was to judge each other’s worlds and divide them into classes. The message behind the song is that everybody’s world is equal and that each and every person has a valuable take on life. I believe that if we are able to realise this, we will be able to truly experience how beautiful life is! God wants mankind to live in peace and unity, despite of our difference,” he says.

Because Die Wêreld Binne My is so special to him, he wanted to do something equally special to convey the message of the song on screen. “I wanted to capture the contrast between the different parts of the world inside and outside us and used different elements from nature, like water, mountains, stars, plains etc. to illustrate this. It is difficult to sketch the complexity of the world inside of us, but I hope this video will help people realise that there are a lot of beautiful things happening on the inside and outside,” the artist says about the idea behind the video.

Joshua na die Reën
Joshua na die Reën

The video, which was produced by Daville Movies & Photography, was filmed in November and December in different parts of Murraysburg, Magoebaskloof and Kleinmond. “I discovered these locations while travelling and felt so connected to them that I just knew that they were ideal settings to feature in this video! My brother (the group’s drummer) and his team – Jaen Kleynhans, Japie Kruger and Gustav Reynecke – produced the music video and had to work late nights and early mornings in the Karoo to capture the moving stars for the scene under the stars. It was really a great privilege to work with them on this project.”

Die Wêreld Binne My’s new music video manages to perfectly combine the artist’s unique velvety voice and the immersive sound of various instruments, with the most breathtaking sights that nature has to offer. The striking result promises to conquer the hearts of fans all over again.


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