Kuele by FlamenKhoi is back in Pretoria


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Kuele …  the merging of the ancient cry of Southern Africa with the fiery hybrid art of flamenco and a new art is created.

Kuele by Flamenkhoi will be presented at Theatre en Pointe, Hatfield Plaza Shopping Centre (lower level), Burnett Street, Hatfield in Pretoria on Saturday 27 August at 8pm.

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Featuring Flamenco guitarist Demetrios Fernandez, singer Lola Negra, a one-hour long theatre production of music, song, dance and storytelling of the traditions of migrant tribes of Southern Africa and Europe… a show that melds the rhythmic art of flamenco with the ancient traditions of the Tswana and the Khoi San and takes you on a journey imbued with elements that affect us all.

Rosanne Maile
Rosanne Maile

Under the direction of Jonathan Pienaar, Kuele will also feature the three artists that make up FlamenKhoi, Roseanne “Maroro” Maile, Isaac “Pinky” Ramagole and Sipho “Paulo” Mashiane.

The traditional music and original scores are by Mashiane and costumes by Flamenco Fanatic Fashion and the artists.

Maile, a renowned international exponent of dance, particularly flamenco and Spanish Dance, together with Ramagole and Mashiane initiated and founded FlamenKhoi with the intention to explore and develop the relationship of old traditions, Khoisan, Tswana and Flamenco music, song and dance. The cultural art of Flamenco, Khoi San and Tswana was created by migratory tribes who expressed their environment through music, song and dance; three strangers, from different tribes met one day to speak the language of the soul – in tongues that did not match and languages that were not the same, they began to dance, to sing, to share what they know… and FlamenKhoi emerged… naturally, organically and with a universal feeling, common to all.

The three artists, Maile, Ramagole and Mashiane, are collaborating with a flamenco guitarist and singer this time to bring a new dynamic to Kuele. All the artists are passionate about their art and have joined African and European traditions in a performance that is both exciting and evolutionary; it is an evolving new dance vocabulary which fuses the innate universal human elements found in dance throughout the world. The merging of these forms explores the similarities between people and cultures, fostering a greater understanding and awareness of the sameness of universal rhythm.

The artists, all experienced exponents in their own right, participated in the creation of the work and contributed to the music, song and dance: Maile performs, choreographs and lectures in the performing arts of Spain and has taught hundreds of aspirant dancers and teachers in four continents. Ramagole, renowned for his research and proliferation of Tswana and Khoisan traditions throughout South Africa, (having lived with Khoisan in the Kalahari and Botswana to grasp the authentic), is a leading authority and master of his craft and is one of the best known custodians of African Dance. He has been, and continues to be, instrumental in developing African dance and its various styles. Mashiane is a naturally talented musician with a wonderful versatility and skill; as a guitarist, keyboard player and singer, he is integral to FlamenKhoi, creating unique compositions and expressive techniques through the guitar.

“We have taken our ritual traditions and through representation of the elements, fire, earth, air and water, have interwoven them into a tapestry of our lives; the gifts from nature, the gratitude and the union with God and community and the sheer joy of expressing life through music, song and dance,“ says Mashiane.

Tickets: R100
Bookings: www.dancedeart.co.za  or roseanne.maile@gmail.com  / 076 141 3400

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