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The Plat4orm

05/18/2016 10:31:58

The second instalment of #Ezezwe Sessions takes place on 29 May @The Plat4orm between Majola and the legendary Sibongile Khumalo.#Ezezwe is a plat4orm established for black women and black gay individuals to come together and share their views on social issues. This plat4orm infuses live music, poetry and intellectual debates to make a contribution in nation building.

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Under the theme: The Calling, Majola as the younger singer will represent the radical voice of the youth in addressing what being called means to his generation. Sibongile Khumalo as the older artist will represent wisdom and hindsight, reflecting on what her generation got wrong with regards to the meaning of work and calling.

If black people are to emerge triumphant in this new era, those among us who are living their true calling have to build bridges for those still trapped in denigrating forms of work. Artists have always been path-finders of such important missions and as Robert Benson writes in the Echo Within, “to be called is to be sent” therefore all black people living their calling should know that they have been sent to better the lives of other black people.

Date: 29 May 2016
Time: 14:30

Venue: The Plat4orm
Address: 39 Gwigwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown (Carfax Boomgate)

Tickets: R150 (pre-Sales available on Web tickets:, R200 (At the door)

Contact: The Plat4orm Team
(f) The Plat4orm/Majola
(t) @theplat4orm/@kbuti


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