Nagligte drops new single, Bly


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'n Nuwe enkelsnit vir die groep Nagligte!
A new single from the group Nagligte!

The group Nagligte will be releasing their new single during the week of 19 April 2017.The rock band, Nagligte, who was nominated for two Ghoema awards during 2016 and won two Bokkie awards (Newcomer of the year and Group of the year) during October 2016, will be releasing their brand-new single, Bly, during the week of 19 April 2017.

The music video for this song can already be seen on various television channels nationwide.

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The band consists of Jacobus ‘Roof’ Brink (lead singer, guitar & keyboard), Wynand Jonker (guitar) and Daniël ‘Eddie’ Brink who started the band in the early 2000’s during their university years.


The band’s debut album, Hoop in die Donker, was released in 2015 and their upbeat style immediately made waves in the music industry. The first single, Dit Stop Nou, was an instant hit and topped the charts of some of the biggest radio stations in the country. Other tracks on the album include Ongeloof(lik), Skyn, Veg en Skree, Vir Nou, Konsentreer, Hoop in die Donker, Die Roepstem, Hou Dit Teen My, Beter Dae and Een Saam.


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